Essex is home to England’s oldest town, longest pier, and only seaside experiencing real economic growth in 2023, but why should you move your business here?

The health sector dominates the job market, but there is a lot of room for retail, administration, education, and entertainment too. The question here is, will your business profit and grow if it chooses Essex as its new home? The answer is, inevitably, yes.

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What Are the Most Popular Industry Sectors in Essex?

Essex has a thriving job market and a low unemployment rate compared to other major cities across England. Interestingly enough, the biggest employment sector is health, followed closely by retail, education then business & administration services. There has also been a boom in the number of businesses and employment roles in the property industry. Therefore, there is a big scope here for established and budding companies to relocate and have their presence appreciated. What else is there to draw in business owners from around the country? 

Essex Business Parks

Business parks are purpose-built development spaces for offices and companies. Typically outside of the centre, they are home to hundreds of businesses in Essex and there are plenty to pick from too. You have a lot of options if your business moves Essex bound and you don’t want to take up space in a high-rent area, and below is a list of the top picks. There are business parks in all the major cities and towns including Chelmsford, Colchester, Southend-on-Sea, and Basildon. Colchester alone has 8,750 business parks to pick from!

  • Horndon Industrial Park
  • Springfield Business Park
  • Lodge Park Business Centre
  • Horizon Business Park
  • Mayfair Industrial Area

Transport and Accessibility

If your company moves Essex way, you want to know that your employees will be able to continue their usual routines and maintain access to the office.

While remote working models have become ever popular, there is still value in having a team in-house as well, especially for important meetings and raising engagement levels. Thankfully, Essex is in a great location for this. It has great public transport, a train station, and is only 52 minutes away from London by car. There are great links out of the county to all major places nearby too thanks to the M25, M11, and A12. 

Also, Essex has one of the busiest airports in the country with London Stansted Airport. Flights travel domestically as well as internationally on a regular basis, perfect for businesses that require significant travel.

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Employment Factors

Largely thanks to Essex being a university county, and the institution being based in one of the major cities, Colchester, it has a respectably low unemployment rate at under 3%. This is a good thing to take note of for any prospective business owner looking to move their services to this part of the country because it means there are lots of people willing to work, and adding to the job market will only be a good thing.

There are a high number of qualified professionals seeking opportunities in the area, and that is always beneficial too. Further to this, there is also a desirable demographic of working-aged residents between the ages of 16-64 coming in at just under 1 million, making up a strong 61.9% of the total population.  

Booming Businesses That Already Have a Home in Essex

This county had a GDP of around 40 million a few years ago, and this has only grown since. This shows that there are already a number of established, successful businesses trading in and around the area, including the following: 

  • Hill Holdings Limited
  • Moo Print Ltd
  • Edge Sporting Management
  • Piatto restaurant

Connectivity Factors

Essex has a reasonable level of connectivity regarding broadband speeds and mobile coverage across all of the main business centres. There are several phone providers that make 5G available more or less anywhere you could need to be, and there are some options for high-speed internet as well. Average download speeds are slightly less than in other areas in the UK like London, but that doesn’t mean you will hindered too badly because there are definitely options to work with. 

Best Areas to Move to In Essex

It’s all well and good planning a move to Essex, but you have to know where is best for a business to find a home if you want to have a successful transition and continue to grow. Fortunately, there are plenty of fantastic options to pick from. The top two are Chelmsford and Colchester, followed by Brentwood and Southend-on-Sea.

Chelmsford has a population of nearly 200,000 people and employees often travel in on a daily commute to access some of the most thriving business spots in the whole county.

Colchester also has a big population, close to the 200,000 mark, 65% of which are all working-aged residents. Additionally, it has a big train station with six platforms and options to get to and from London fairly easily. 

Better Business Removals can help you move your business into any Essex city or town at a reasonable cost. We can help you with the planning and setting up so give us a call today to start the journey the right way. 

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