Every business is responsible for office recycling since it can lower your carbon footprint as an organisation. This is vital because statistics show that one quarter of all global waste comes from companies. Here are our top 10 ideas for office recycling.

Top 10 Office Recycling Ideas

Go Digital

Going paperless is the easiest way to jump start your recycling adventure. Yet, despite going digital, many companies are still producing paper waste and keeping cardboard on hand. If you have to print a document, make sure it is double-sided. Keep strict rules of what can be printed and how to handle notes and lists.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling (WEEE) Regulations

According to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE) regulations, you are legally required to follow the stipulated procedures on how to dispose of electronics. When materials from electronics end up in groundwater at landfill sites, they put dangerous chemicals into the environment.

You can take batteries and printer cartridges to a recycling centre. Some stores offer collection points that are easy for drop-off. Alternatively, you can partner with us to handle this for you.

Food and Drink

Your employees produce a lot of waste from the food and drink that they consume at work. Get them to consider using their own coffee cups and bringing food from home in storage containers. Set up a recycling area and make it a rule to recycle. A compost heap for uneaten food can be the start of a garden on your office premises.

Get Recycling Bins

You will need boxes by your printers for any wasted paper. This can be used for note taking and making lists. Place containers in an appropriate place to collect batteries and printer cartridges. Waste food can be emptied into caddies for the compost heap. Have containers to sort plastic, cardboard, and glass.

Supply Chain Waste Reduction

Let your suppliers know that you are serious about packaging that can be recycled. When you buy products, consider whether they can be recycled or repurposed. Look at the packaging used.

An Office Recycling Action Plan

Get one person from each team to be involved in a brainstorming exercise to identify waste and determine what can be improved. Come up with a plan and get each representative to go back to their teams with an implementation plan. The plan should be clear on what must be recycled and where each item must be placed for this to happen. Additionally, the plan will look at ways to prevent waste from being a problem in the first place.

Reusing Electronics

Get employees serious about reusing every last scrap of waste that can be reused. If you have an old keyboard lying around gathering dust, it can be taken apart completely and reused. This could be the plastic that houses an old mouse or a printer LED.

Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals, and Plastics

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and plastics components of all electronic items can all be separated and repurposed. The amount of waste generated by office equipment that has been cast aside is expected to reach global proportions of 74.7 million tons every year as far as 2030 into the future. It is not too soon to begin dealing with your share of this.

Get Rid of Old Equipment and Furniture

Have a plan for disposing of your unusable assets properly. This can be done at any time or in conjunction with a relocation. An Asset Report will provide you with a record that each item was appropriately dealt with.

Choose a Recycling Partner

Choose to partner with us at Better Business Removals for all your business removal and recycling needs. Your company may not have all the resources to deal with waste on your own but we can fill the gap. Contact us today on 0808 175 3357.

Whether you are doing a business relocation or office moves, or simply taking a more responsible approach to recycling, these office recycling ideas will show you that it is possible to achieve this with zero-to-landfill.

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