Relocating an office can be a daunting and stressful task, but with the proper planning, resources, and effort, it doesn’t have to be. After you have decided to move offices it is time for the big move!

Here are some essential tips for the perfect office relocation.

Prepare for the Move

Before you begin your move, assess your needs and choose a reliable mover. Make a detailed inventory of your office contents and develop a timeline for the relocation process. Allocate resources and personnel to ensure everything runs smoothly.

There is no one better for your office relocation than Better Business Removals. We take all the stress out of your move, whether you are moving next week or in 6 months’ time our experienced team can take everything out of your hands.

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Take Care of the Details

By details, we mean the small tasks that need to be completed before you make the move, these include making sure you have all the facilities you need to legally provide in an office.

The top of that list should be the people around who your business operates, your employees. They need to know as far in advance as possible, just in case a move seriously inconveniences them.

Next should be your clients a few weeks before. If your clients regularly need to attend your office then it is of paramount importance they understand where you are moving to.

Other details to take care of before an office move:

  • Utilities – gas, electricity, internet
  • Services – subscriptions
  • Leases – check how long remains on the lease
  • Office contents – audit and label everything

manage your office relocation

Pack Smartly & Efficiently

Accumulate the supplies and materials necessary for packing, label and securely pack boxes, and disassemble furniture that needs to be moved.

If you have items you wish to dispose of speak to your moving company. Better Business Removals perform WEEE disposal and all items will be recycled as best possible.

Move Day & Aftermath

Supervise the loading of all items onto the moving truck, guide movers at your new location, reassemble office furniture and equipment, and unpack and arrange the office contents.

Possibly the most important aspect of an office move is the IT. Every business uses some measure of IT, in fact, most will be unable to operate without the internet of computers in some capacity. Discuss with your moving company about IT relocation, that way your move will be seamless and the potential for lost productivity will be less.

Finalise the Move

Once everything has been unpacked and arranged in your new office, check the inventory of what was moved to ensure nothing is missing or damaged. If anything is found to be damaged or lost, be sure to address it with your mover. Submit any necessary change-of-address forms and other documents required for the move.

Follow Up

After your office relocation is complete, take a moment to evaluate the process and make any adjustments or improvements you think are necessary for future moves. Additionally, assess the new office environment post-relocation to ensure it’s conducive to a productive work environment.

Ask your employees and clients for feedback. Perform a post-move survey of how the move went and if there is anything you can improve in the new location. Every office relocation will have challenges, deal with them well and you will build a better relationship with your employees and clients.

If you’re looking for a reliable and stress-free office relocation, contact Better Business Removals today! Our experienced team has the expertise to guide you through every step of the relocation process and make sure your move is completed with minimal disruption. Get in touch now and let us help make your office relocation as seamless as possible!

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