There are a million and one things to think about and budget for when it comes to an office relocation venture. However, with some forward thinking and planning, everything will fall into place with ease. Saving money is the key objective because as you well know, moving can get expensive and fast! So this guide has some impactful ways for anyone in this position to economise and make the relocation as cost-effective as possible.

Protecting Your Budget During an Office Relocation

Make a Plan

A plan is the best way forward, and the number one priority! Sit down with your core team and work through the details. Figure out timings, dates, key movements, and things like how you will establish IT services and utility setups as well. Once you have a framework in place, you have a great starting point for creating bookings and reaching out to professional services like ours, which are wholly equipped to provide essential support throughout the whole process.

Stay Flexible

It is important to keep in mind that this plan should be flexible because that will allow you to not just focus on saving money but keep stress at bay as well. Keeping an adaptable mindset will protect everyone in the team from taking on too much and ensures that should a problem arise, you are ready to face it head on during the office relocation period.

Make IT Relocation a Priority

The one thing that will cost you money because of productivity and capacity factors is whether or not you handle the IT relocation as a priority. Therefore, having this near the top of the list is essential. Our company strives to work hard so that you don’t have to compromise the integrity of your brand during the business relocation. We will work with your dates and ensure that everything you need to dive back into the workday is ready to go when you arrive. IT relocation is often complex because there are multiple moving parts to navigate as you move ahead, but we understand exactly what is needed and how to get the job done efficiently.

Consider Project Management as a Viable Strategy

Another core service that we can provide is project management. This will essentially focus on managing the commercial removal process from the beginning of the journey to completion. We have an extensive range of aftercare and support available and will create a viable strategy that focuses on you at the heart of it all. It can save time, energy, and most importantly of all to this article, a significant amount of money upfront as well!

Get Organised

It is impossible to move if you are not on top of your inventory, so this is a good place to dive into. It will definitely provide cost-effective benefits because getting to know what you have and therefore, what you need to move, will make it easier to both plan and take action. Getting organised means creating an inventory of both stock and furniture so that nothing goes amiss and everything is fully accounted for when the business moves. See our move management services if you need help relocating.

Stick with Your Budget

The easiest way to save money is to have a budget in place that guides the entire process. Figure out key expenditures and reach out to our team to talk about the expected costs for the move as a whole. It is an easy conversation to have, and we will always be upfront about pricing structures so there are no hidden costs to contend with further down the line. Stick with this budget for the duration because once you let yourself step outside of it, it is all too easy to waste money that you don’t need to waste.

Pick Your Location Wisely

The last point is about where you will move to. When an office moves, there is usually a good reason behind it. You might need more space, or want to downsize, or even to find a building that is closer to your target demographic and therefore, more convenient. Maintaining your business’s reputation is important, of course, but within this scope, you can define what you will realistically achieve by picking a certain location. It has to be fit for purpose, but also cost friendly too.

Our Services

Protect your budget during an office relocation by investing in our services and being involved with the planning every step of the way. It is easy to save money when you have the right team leading the way.

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