Office Move Planning – Our Top Tips

Office Move Planning - Our Top Tips

Moving offices can be a stressful experience, but our top tips are here to help. The transition period may have patches of chaos, but everything will come together smoothly if you plan ahead, keep everyone informed, and stay focused on the core objective. This guide will show you how we can assist with planning and delivering a seamless moving experience.

Have a Clear Objective in Mind

Businesses that decide to move offices do so for a reason. It is helpful to keep this reason in mind when planning and moving as it will make the whole team feel more motivated. The company may be looking to expand its services with more space, attract different clients by upgrading its location, reduce costs, or make work more accessible. Write down the objective, and use this to stay focused on the task at hand. Better Business Removals will assist in creating a plan for the move and support with management from the very start.

Make a Budget

Moving will incur certain costs. We will provide you with a quote upfront so that this factor can be assessed and integrated. Other things to think about include any refurbishments that need to happen, utility setup, and legal fees.

Talk to Our Movers

Our company can provide assistance with every aspect of moving from finding the perfect location to end of lease cleaning services, and even packing and setting up on the other side. Tell us what you need, and our knowledge, experience, and insight will have the answers you are looking for.

Communication is Vital

The most important tip of all is to communicate with your team. Tell management every step and each development so they are constantly in the loop because this will make it significantly easier to organise and support the rest of the team too. Hold a company wide meeting to talk through the arrangements, and create a document for everyone to take home or access virtually with key dates, addresses, and FAQs. It is useful to allocate a dedicated point of contact who will handle the chaos in an efficient way too.

Decide on the New Layout

How is your new office going to look? Making a smart plan for the internal layout is a big decision and has to be done flexibly. Visit the location a few times and take some measurements so you can determine where the best space for desks will be, break zones, and so on. Our team has plenty of experience in this area too and will be able to guide you in planning and creating a structure that works for everyone.

Liaise with Service Providers

When you think about just how many operations happen online or through technology, it is hard to ignore just how vital IT and services are. The last thing you need is a delay in this area, and there is a lot we can do to make sure this isn’t the case. We will provide a clear timeline from start to finish and ensure that anything that needs to be up and running will be fully functional by the time moving day comes around.

Be Flexible

Finally, this is a time for flexibility. Allow some work at home days and remote team calls so that people are not missing out on essential deadlines. There will be a degree of insecurity, especially on the day of the move. People still need to do their jobs and you don’t want to fall behind.

Better Business Removals are the experts in all things office removals and setup. We are trained in what to do and how best to do it regarding office relocations and service continuity. The move doesn’t have to be super stressful if you have the correct support in place. Contact us today on 0808 175 3357.

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