When planning an office move, storage can be a key factor in moving your business successfully

Business moving storage involves the careful packing and transportation of all of your office’s belongings from one location to another. It is important to plan ahead for your office move in order to determine how much storage you will need.

Before you decide on how to most effectively utilise your storage option there are a few aspects of the move you need to consider. Including:

  • The size of your business
  • How long do your items need to be in storage
  • The security of the storage facility

We will go into detail on all of these considerations below.

storage facility


The size of the move

The size and type of business moving storage you select will depend on the number and types of items that need to be moved. If you have larger office items, such as desks or filing cabinets, a standard moving truck may suffice. However, if your business is comprised mainly of smaller items, like documents and computer equipment, then it may be best to use a specialised storage facility.

Do you need long-term or short-term storage?

If your business move is somewhat large, planning will be the key to a successful move. As success depends on the amount of downtime your business experiences due to a move.

One reason you may need long-term storage is to purchase all the office equipment you need for your new office. Your lease may not start immediately or plan to have no cross-over for the lease agreements. In this situation, you will need to store equipment for a few months so it is ready to be installed.

Short-term storage is useful in situations where you need a staging area for the main move. You might need to store items that you won’t use immediately before they are moved into their new office location. This strategy can help ensure a smooth move and reduce the amount of time needed to unpack in your new office.

Storage facility security

It is always best to look for a storage facility that is reputable and offers secure storage, like those found at Better Business Removals. This will help to ensure that any sensitive documents or items are well protected during the move. Additionally, it is important to consider insurance when selecting a business moving storage provider in order to protect yourself and your belongings from potential damage or loss.

The best storage facilities will have CCTV installed and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will also offer a computerised management system that tracks all your items with barcoding. This allows any items that are immediately required to be easily found and removed from storage.

Finally, before committing to a business moving storage provider, it is important to consider their customer service and communication. This includes making sure that the provider is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during, and after your office move. With the right business moving storage provider, you can rest assured that your office belongings will be safely stored until they reach their new destination.

Better Business Removals has fantastic reviews and is noted for its excellent communication for all commercial moves. Contact us today to discover how we can make your office move smooth and stress-free.

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