Nestled in the heart of Hertfordshire, Broxbourne beckons as a promising destination for businesses seeking growth and stability. With its rich history and modern amenities, this quaint town presents a unique proposition for companies considering relocation.

A Guide to Your Business Move to Broxbourne

Strategic Location

Broxbourne is an excellent strategic location for any business given its proximity to London, the Midlands or other international transportation hubs.

Proximity to London

One of Broxbourne's key advantages lies in its close proximity to London. It is only 6.5 miles from the M25, a short 10-minute drive, or if your business works in central London, just over 18 miles with access to the centre via the A10, M11 or A1 routes. The ability to reach central London via various routes provides your business with multiple routes to central London if you are at any time struck by the infamous London traffic. 

The Midlands and Beyond

Given the location of Broxbourne to the north of London, there is easy access to many key motorways providing a gateway to the Midlands or the North of the UK. The A10 and M11 link directly to Cambridge in which transport to the East or Midlands via the A14 is possible. In a similar vein, the A1(M) weaves through the country to the North of England. If your business relies on supplying or receiving goods from these areas of the country, Broxbourne is an excellent option.

Access to Key Transportation Hubs

Broxbourne boasts seamless connectivity with major transportation hubs, facilitating the efficient movement of goods and personnel. Its strategic location makes it a logistical hub for businesses aiming for regional and international reach.

The town is almost equidistant to three major international airports:

  • London Stansted Airport is about 22 miles away
  • London Luton Airport is 23 miles away
  • London City Airport is 28 miles away

In addition to the access to airports and excellent road connections, the Broxbourne Train Station boasts easy access to London, including a 40-minute train journey to London St Pancras International for access to Europe. 

Amenities for Businesses

Businesses relocating to Broxbourne can tap into a range of modern office spaces, equipped with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to support diverse operational needs. Nearby Hoddessdon hosts the Hoddesdon Enterprise Centre (previously known as Ambition Broxbourne Business Centre) on Pindar Rd and Theobalds Enterprise Centre in Broxbourne are perfect space to grow your business.

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Although there are not many business networking opportunities in Broxbourne the proximity to London offers numerous opportunities for networking. 

The Business Networking North London company helps businesses foster a sense of support and community in the local area. 

Business Support Services

Broxbourne is not just a location; it's a partner in your business journey. The town provides comprehensive business support services, from legal assistance to financial advisory, ensuring a smooth transition and sustained growth.

Broxbourne Council offer business advice, and SMEs in the borough can apply for an Innovation Voucher. This voucher is up to the value of £3,000 and businesses can apply for the funding via the link above. 

Economic Landscape

Broxbourne town is a growing area of Hertfordshire. It is expected to reach 115,000 people by 2033 with 61.7% of the population of working age. 

The location of the town creates a multitude of opportunities for businesses with its strong connections to London and Cambridge via the A10. Businesses moving to the area can take advantage of these major cities in the UK. 

Business Relocation to Broxbourne

For businesses ready to embark on a new chapter of success, Broxbourne can be the perfect town for you. The town's unique blend of history, infrastructure, and opportunities positions it as a prime choice for those aspiring to elevate their business to new heights.

If the Hertfordshire town is right for your business then speak to Better Business Moves for help to relocate your business to Broxbourne.

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