For entrepreneurs and business owners seeking an ideal location to establish or relocate their ventures, Hertfordshire offers a plethora of opportunities across its diverse towns and cities.

In this article, we delve into the top business destinations within Hertfordshire, examining key factors that make them attractive hubs for commerce and innovation.

The Best Places to Move Your Business in Hertfordshire

Economic Overview of Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire boasts a robust economy driven by a diverse range of industries. From life sciences, agri-tech, advanced engineering and manufacturing, sustainable construction and the creative industries, the county offers a fertile ground for business growth and prosperity.

With a skilled workforce and strategic geographical location to the north of London, Hertfordshire continues to attract investment and nurture entrepreneurial endeavours, making it a dynamic hub for innovation and economic activity.

Hertfordshire also offers SMEs and growing businesses support to grow with:

The Herts Insight provides more specific details about the economic overview of Hertfordshire.

Economic overview of Hertfordshire.

Factors Influencing Location Selection

When considering where to establish a business, several factors come into play when considering where to move your business in Hertfordshire.

Accessibility and transport links are crucial, ensuring seamless connectivity to London and, therefore, international markets. Moreover, the availability of:

  • Infrastructure and facilities, including commercial spaces, utilities, and amenities.
  • The cost of living and business expenses
  • The presence of support services and networking opportunities.

Top Business Locations in Hertfordshire

Every suggestion will depend on your type of business or business requirements, so research in more detail the destination for your move.


Broxbourne offers industrial and business zones, coupled with excellent transport accessibility. Its residential areas and quality of life make it an emerging destination for businesses seeking a conducive environment for growth and innovation.

Moving your business to Broxbourne will provide your business with a number of opportunities in London and the wider UK.

Welwyn Garden City

Boasting modern business parks and industrial zones, Welwyn Garden City offers a conducive environment for companies across various sectors. With excellent transportation connectivity with the nearby A1(M) it boasts direct links to London via the train and road.

St Albans

Renowned for its historical charm and cultural offerings, St Albans provides an appealing setting for businesses. Its commercial centres and office spaces, and location between the M1, A1(M) and M25, make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and professionals alike.


With its strategic location and robust transport infrastructure, Watford serves as a thriving business hub. It is the biggest town in Hertfordshire and is conveniently located within the M25 providing businesses with instant access to London or the Midlands of England via the M1. The town's vibrant retail and leisure facilities, along with a supportive business community, foster innovation and growth.

Hemel Hempstead

Home to industrial estates and commercial zones, Hemel Hempstead offers businesses a strategic geographical location and a range of housing options for employees. Situated just north of Watford, outside the M25, the town is the ideal location if you require access to London Luton Airport, a short 11 miles along the M1. Its proximity to major transport routes enhances accessibility and facilitates business operations.


Boasting science and technology parks, Stevenage provides a conducive environment for research and innovation. A new £900 million science park has been recently approved for construction in the town to expand its innovation credentials. Its educational institutions and investment prospects make it an ideal destination for companies seeking to thrive in cutting-edge industries.

Bishops Stortford

Featuring business parks and commercial areas, Bishops Stortford offers a thriving business environment supported by robust transport infrastructure. Its quality of life factors and residential options make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and employees with growing families. Situated halfway between Cambridge and London on the M11, excellent train links to both cities give the town a unique advantage. Also, it is almost on the doorstep of London Stansted Airport for international markets.

Moving Your Business to Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire stands out as a prime destination for businesses seeking a conducive environment for growth and innovation. With its diverse towns and cities offering a range of amenities, infrastructure, and support services, entrepreneurs have ample opportunities to establish and expand their ventures. Whether it's the historic charm of St Albans, the modern amenities of Welwyn Garden City, or the strategic location of Watford, Hertfordshire offers something for every business, making it an ideal choice for those looking to thrive in the heart of England's business landscape.

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With over 20 years of experience moving businesses around the county, we can ensure your business move is smooth and worry-free.

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